Winding Ridge Elementary

School of Inquiry and Performing Arts (East Side)
Inspiring Possibilities

Phone: (317) 964-6800 | Attendance: (317) 964-6805

Parent Resources

Human Diginty and Sexual Harassment Policies

The MSD of Lawrence Township wants all parents to be aware of the board policies and procedures listed below.  All staff members have been made familiar with these policies.

Board Policy 2110.01 Human Dignity

If you have questions, please click to email Tim Harshbarger, Executive Director for Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator, or call 423-8390.


Please remember to call the attendance line at 317-964-6805 by 8:30AM each day that your student is absent.

Visitation of Classes  

Pre-arranged classroom visits by parents are encouraged and welcomed. We also welcome parents to come and eat lunch with their student in the cafeteria anytime. Parents may either eat hot lunch from the cafeteria or bring a sack lunch from home.  All visitors should sign in at the office and wear a guest or volunteer badge.

Parent Involvement

The Winding Ridge Family believes that the involvement of parents in their children's education is vital, therefore the school stresses a parent-teacher team approach. Parents are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of school life.  Every parent at Winding Ridge is automatically a member of our Winding Ridge Family Association (WRFA).