Winding Ridge Elementary

School of Inquiry and Performing Arts (East Side)
Inspiring Possibilities

Phone: (317) 964-6800 | Attendance: (317) 964-6805

Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach

Office Staff

Principal - Alicia Harris (Contact Me)
Assistant Principal - Jamison Rahmany (Contact Me)
Student Mentor - Stephen Thomas (Contact Me)
Home School Advisor  - LaKeitha Patterson (Contact Me)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Janice Dietz (Contact Me)
Administrative Assistant - Amy Heyman (Contact Me)
Nurse - Heather Haycock (Contact Me)
Cafeteria Manager - Sue Cline (Contact Me)
Head Custodian - Mitch Banks (Contact Me)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Angela Gray (Contact Me)

Special Areas

Visual Arts - Dawn Glass (Contact Me)
Band & Orchestra - Jefri Payne (Contact Me)
Dance - Tangela Davis (Contact Me)
Media Specialist & Drama - Gena Miller * (Contact Me)
Music - Damon Clevenger * (Contact Me)

Grade One

Ashleigh Gay (Contact Me)
Lynnette Landwehr (Contact Me)
Bethany Martin (Contact Me)
Lynette Nichols (Contact Me)
Kristen Paredes (Contact Me)

Grade Two

Wendy Coles (Contact Me)
Christina Gray (Contact Me)
Jill Hagan (Contact Me)
Melanie Shepler (Contact Me)

Grade Three

Justin Brown (Contact Me)
James Johnson (Contact Me)
Tina Nichols (Contact Me)
Krystal Stallings (Contact Me)

Grade Four

Alyssa Carazo (Contact Me)
Nick Hamstra (Contact Me)
Heather Huffman (Contact Me)
Erika Mimms (Contact Me)
Leonte Wilson * (Contact Me)

Grade Five

Jessica Brown (Contact Me)
Stacy Dolson * (Contact Me)
Alan Nordholt (Contact Me)
Lindsey Shaurette (Contact Me)
Sarah Stanley (Contact Me)

Grade Six

Antwon Clark (Contact Me)
Erin Lee (Contact Me)
Catherine Ochoa (Contact Me)
Kimberly Osborn (Contact Me)

School Resource Staff

Interventionist - Courtney Thomas (Contact Me)
Interventionist - Amy Wahlstrom (Contact Me)
Resource - Nicole Bultman (Contact Me)
Resource - Kristin Burmeister (Contact Me)
Resource - Susan Granger (Contact Me)
Resource - Madeline Sites (Contact Me)
Resource - Ashley Vermillion (Contact Me)
School Psychologist - Nadia Santana (Contact Me)
Speech & Language - Kathryn Lee (Contact Me)
Gallahue - Michaela Bryant (Contact Me)
Gallahue - Jordan Reed (Contact Me)
Instructional Coach - Wonda Kimble (Contact Me)
English as a New Language - Virginia Ramos (Contact Me)
Technology Specialist - Patrick Kerkhof (Contact Me)