Exceptional Learners

Lawrence Township offers a free, appropriate, public evaluation for all students in the least restrictive environment. 

The Department of Exceptional Learners guarantees that all students receive the resources they need to successfully exit school and become contributing members of society. These resources include professional development to ensure that all district staff and parents of students with disabilities are knowledgeable and trained for implementation on the use of research based practices that are individualized, appropriate, legally compliant and fiscally sound. These individual practices will include those that address current and future student social and instructional needs that will positively support and guide the student for successful transition from preschool services at age 3, through post high school services at age 22.

The Department of Exceptional Learners ensures that ongoing guidance is provided to building leaders and teachers that will guide them in the integration of students with disabilities into the district initiatives of the project approach, response to instruction and cultural competency. Resources are identified to ensure that every student has accessible schools, supports and services including appropriate assistive technology. These resources will empower the students, their parents and staff to become positive advocates who expect that district-wide practices are systemic and support vertical articulation.