2021 Design Challenge Winners
    August 25, 2021
    The MSD of Lawrence Township is pleased to announce that mother and daughter, Alicia Stevens and Emily Murphy of Crestview Elementary School are the recipients of the 2021 Excellence Design Challenge $20,000 Grand Prize. This team’s proposal, titled Movin’, Groovin’, and Feelin’ Fine: Meeting Physical and Sensory Needs of Today’s Children, was identified by district leadership as best affecting efficiently, effectiveness, and improved outcomes. The purpose of this project is to create safe spaces in and around the school for every child. Many students have diagnosed or undiagnosed attention deficits, may need a cool down place in the school, or a place to be rewarded for good behavior. This is a perfect solution for students needing a place to take a break.

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    The purpose of the Design Challenge is to financially reward a teacher (or teachers) for an innovative idea that, if implemented, meaningfully impacts the organization through efficiency, effectiveness, and/or measurable improvements. 

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