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October 31st, 2014
Students at Winding Ridge School of Inquiry and Performing Arts don’t have much down time when they go to Mr. Clevenger’s music class.  They are busy uncovering new things about music through active music-making!  Students are constantly engaged through movement, singing, games and playing instruments.  They make lots of choices about their music through improvisation and composition activities and are offered many opportunities to perform.  Take a look at what has been going on at each grade level!
1st grade is focusing on steady beat, matching pitch (tuneful singing), circle games, 4 voices, and comparatives (fast/slow, same/different, high/low, up/down)
2nd grade just finished their performance “Say Hola to Spanish” a celebration of Hispanic and Latin culture for Hispanic Heritage Month. We borrowed some authentic costumes from Forest Glen School of Spanish Immersion and the students performed traditional dances, chants and folk songs from various Spanish-speaking countries.
3rd grade is reviewing known rhythms (quarter note, 2 eighth notes and quarter rest)
4th grade is working on 4 sixteenth note patterns with songs like “Dinah”, “Chicken on the Fencepost”, “Old Brass Wagon” and “Tideo”. They’re singing, moving, playing games and instruments to experience the concept physically, aurally and visually.
5th grade is singing patriotic tunes in preparation for their upcoming Veteran’s Day Concert on Nov. 11th.
6th grade is gearing up for a Winter Cabaret celebration full of festive tunes, dances, and instrumental pieces.
Is it any wonder students look forward to Mr. Clevenger’s weekly class?