Alerts: Aug 5, 2020
On July 20, 2020, the Board of Education voted to delay the start of school from Monday, August 3 to Thursday, August 13, 2020.
For more information and to view our Current Re-Entry Plan, please follow this link.

Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach
D3 Denotes D3 Team Lead

Office Staff

Principal - Alicia Harris (Contact Alicia Harris)
Assistant Principal - Rose Graham (Contact Rose Graham )
Behavior Specialist - Justin Porter (Contact Justin Porter)
Student Support Specialist - Omar Cooper (Contact Omar Cooper)
CIS Resource Liaison - Shelia Richardson (Contact Shelia Richardson )
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Janice Dietz (Contact Janice Dietz)
Administrative Assitant - Angela Gray (Contact Angela Gray)
Nurse - Renee Ward (Contact Renee Ward)
Cafeteria Manager - Sue Cline (Contact Sue Cline)
Head Custodian - Mitch Banks (Contact Mitch Banks)
Success Station Site Leader - Brittany Fancher (Contact Brittany Fancher)

Special Areas

Visual Arts - Dawn Glass (Contact Dawn Glass)
Band & Orchestra - Jefri Payne (Contact Jefri Payne)
Dance & Fitness - Iloni Cospy (Contact Iloni Cospy )
Media Specialist & Drama - Gena Hamilton * (Contact Gena Hamilton *)
Music - Damon Clevenger * (Contact Damon Clevenger *)

Grade One

Ashleigh Gay (Contact Ashleigh Gay)
Bethany Martin (Contact Bethany Martin)
Lynette Nichols (Contact Lynette Nichols)
Kristen Paredes (Contact Kristen Paredes)

Grade Two

Latrese Davis (Contact Latrese Davis)
Julie Eisenmann * (Contact Julie Eisenmann *)
Lynnette Landwehr (Contact Lynnette Landwehr)
Melanie Todd (Contact Melanie Todd)

Grade Three

Alyssa Brooks (Contact Alyssa Brooks)
Justin Brown (Contact Justin Brown)
Nicolle Symons * (Contact Nicolle Symons *)
Ryan Torres (Contact Ryan Torres)

Grade Four

Jacquelynne Dicken (Contact Jacquelynne Dicken)
D3 - Christina Gray (Contact Christina Gray )
D3 - Wonda Kimble (Contact Wonda Kimble)
Jessica Hudgins (Contact Jessica Hudgins)
Ruth Sheldon (Contact Ruth Sheldon)

Grade Five

Emily Kavanaugh (Contact Emily Kavanaugh)
DeShawna Lacy (Contact DeShawna Lacy)
D3 - Alan Nordholt (Contact Alan Nordholt)
D3 - Lindsey Shaurette (Contact Lindsey Shaurette)
Whiteney Vaughn (Contact Whiteney Vaughn)

Grade Six

Antwon Clark (Contact Antwon Clark)
D3 - Stacy Dolson (Contact Stacy Dolson)
Jessica Pace (Contact Jessica Pace)
D3 - Sarah Stanley (Contact Sarah Stanley)
Stephen Thomas (Contact Stephen Thomas)

School Resource Staff

Resource - Nicole Bultman (Contact Nicole Bultman)
Resource - Kristin Burmeister (Contact Kristin Burmeister)
Resource - Susan Granger (Contact Susan Granger)
Resource - Hannah Kelly (Contact Hannah Kelly)
Speech & Language  - Amy Grimes (Contact Amy Grimes)
Gallahue - Jordan Reed (Contact Jordan Reed)
English as a New Language - Virginia Ramos (Contact Virginia Ramos)
Technology Specialist - Patrick Kerkhof (Contact Patrick Kerkhof )